Pagan Rituals-All You Need To Know

White NightsRituals are a very important practice for pagans. Through these rituals, they are able to attune themselves to the rhythmic flow of nature and the community. They deepen the relationship of pagans with that they take as divine and through these rituals, their pagan culture evolves and flourishes.
These rituals are very diverse. They may range from simple to elaborate or from casual to formal. There are rituals to be performed by many people and there are ones that should only be performed by a single person. Some of these rituals are scripted and are shown as theoretical performances to an audience.
Some pagan rituals are performed in silence while other are quite noisy and exuberant. They will include cheering, singing and drumming. In these rituals, they may have one or two altars, and there is use of ritual tools such as wands, chalices, crystals, incense and cauldrons. They are quite colorful and the participants dress up in colorful garb such as capes, robes, necklaces and crowns or nothing at all.Bagan_Temples_Burma_Valley
Pagan rituals may vary in purpose. Some rituals have a single purpose. Others on the other hand have a number of purposes. Some are focused fully on the worship of a deity while others are focused on healing. The rituals can also be focused on celebration, cleansing, consecration, divination, thanksgiving and protection.
Sometimes, you might find that a ritual is held as its own event. In such a ritual, there is plenty of preparation and the participants are many. It may also be a sequence of events which are held over a long period of time and have a specific pattern to them.
These rituals take place in a variety of places, both private and public. If the rituals are about family rites, then they are performed at home perhaps in a household altar. Others may take place in a small or large festivals depending on the expanse of people they involve. These can be in parks, campgrounds conference centers and hotels.
They take place during the day and at night all through the year. There are specific dates that are specifically assigned for rituals especially those that have astronomical meaning. During these dates, large pagan rituals are held all around the globe. Such times of the year include the summer solstice, winter solstice, fall equinox and spring equinox.
Heathens. Stepanovskoye, 30 km from Moscow, Russia. September 24, 2005.Some rituals are there to celebrate life passages for humans. During birth, there are rituals that enhance fertility, bless pregnancy, aid conception and welcome and name the newborn into the world. There are child blessing rites that are performed during infancy or later in childhood. When one joins adulthood, there are rites which are performed. The same goes for marriage, divorce, wakes, burials, and cremation.
These rituals are of very many types and purposes. They serve as focal points of spirituality for both individuals and groups. They enrich life, strengthening connections with other dimensions of oneself, other people, deities and with nature as a whole.